Buying Property in Grand Forks and Area

Step 1: Realize Your Financial Capacity
Grand Forks, BC, and area holds a very affordable housing market, and can be a great place to live. If you have been renting, it is very possible to become a home owner here, but make sure you fully understand finances, and the costs that come with home ownership. Our MORTGAGE CALCULATOR can help you put it all together.

Step 2: Understand Your Current / Future Need
Are you expecting some family growth? Will you need a roomate or rental income?  Do you plan to commute, or will you need zoning to work from home? A sincere examination of these questions can help you filter your search in a good way.

Step 3: Project vs Ready to Go
Living in Christina Lake, Rock Creek, or anywhere in between can be extremely enjoyable. So make sure you give yourself the time to enjoy it. There is a large spread of houses here, and you may have the option to buy a house from 1915, or a house from 2015. Before your search begins, understand your capacity and willingness to take on home renovations and upgrades.

Step 4: Obtaining Financing
When you know you want a home, and you know the kind of home you want, nothing is more disappointing than failing to obtain financing. It is never a bad idea to secure financing, or at least have an in person discussion with whoever your mortgage provider will be.
No matter if this is your first house or your fifteenth house, there are some clear checkpoints you should analyze to ensure you make the right choice. You may not be able answer every question yourself, and you may not have all the information you need at your fingertips, but hat is why we are here. We can help you gather and understand ALL the information you need. Buying a home in Grand Forks, BC, may not be like buying a home in a different city; we know the ropes, and we are here to help.
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